Choose the Original – HewSaw Grey


About HewSaw

Veisto Oy is a long-established family-run company that designs and manufactures HewSaw single pass production lines and machines for sawn timber. The company is based in Mäntyharju, in the heart of the Finnish Lake District. Its reputation as a leading manufacturer of sawing machines has spread far afield, with exports accounting for about 80 % of the company's production. The main market areas outside of Finland include: Sweden, the Baltic Countries, North America, Russia, Central Europe and the Southern Hemisphere plantation forests. Veisto Oy and HewSaw employ over 200 professionals worldwide.

Each HewSaw production line model is an innovation based on 50 years of product development, representing the ecological and economic values of the company. Sustained product development has ensured that the company's machines have always been at the top of the field, and that HewSaw is, and will remain a sawing solution that is profitable and also supports sustainable development.

The HewSaw Brand

HewSaw® is a registered trademark of Veisto Oy's sawing machines, sawing equipment, spare parts, and related services. Innovations relating to the products have been model protected and patented around the world. The HewSaw logo is a promise of efficiency, accuracy, quality and reliability.

Choose the Original - HewSaw Grey

HewSaw is not only about the colour: it is also a promise to our customer of innovative technology, sustainable development, a commitment to partnerships, and a wide-ranging expertise that adds efficiency and profitability to our sawing lines. The grey colour and the values of HewSaw have already become a new standard in the field.

Our Mission

HewSaw manufactures the most efficient sawing machines in the market, with an excellent recovery ratio, which helps our clients to produce timber products economically, profitably, sustainably and ecologically.

Our Objectives

The efficient and advanced technology used in the HewSaw sawing machines helps our clients to enhance the profitability of their operations in the rapidly evolving business environment. Sawing machines and the manufacturing methods used are constantly evolving. One of HewSaw's primary objectives is to ensure that clients who have chosen our products can remain satisfied with their choice, decade after decade.

Our Values

  • Profitability – We strive to produce products that will result in profitability for our clients and our company
  • Innovation - We are pioneers in developing and applying new technology in our products, customer-orientation and service
  • Quality – We offer unrivalled quality in all areas of our operations through constant monitoring and quality control practices
  • Expertise – We work closely, and in partnership with our clients before, during and after delivery
  • Safety – We strive to create a safe, clean, quiet and ergonomically designed work environment for our customers and our employees
  • Flexibility – We provide flexibility for our new and existing customers by offering customization in our designs, machines and service plans
  • Reliability - We are 100% committed to delivering what we promise


HewSaw has been granted the right to use the Finnish Key Flag emblem as a guarantee of the strong Finnish origin of its products.

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