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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can HewSaw supply a 'turn-key' package?

2. Can HewSaw supply local support?

3. Does HewSaw have equipment for larger log lines?

4. What kind of recovery (yield) can we expect from a HewSaw?

5. How much curve-sawing can the HewSaw do?

6. How does the machinery stand-up to processing demanding species such as Southern Yellow Pine or Hardwood over the long haul?

7. What feed speeds can a HewSaw achieve?

8. What level of maintenance does a HewSaw require?

9. Does HewSaw have training and maintenance contracts available?

10. How does HewSaw support mill personnel and mill safety?

11. Can I count on HewSaw for the long-term?

12. How does HewSaw compare to similar equipment suppliers?

13. How can I contact a representative in my area?


1. Can HewSaw supply a 'turn-key' package?

Answer: Yes - Most of our recent sales are package supply systems with HewSaw taking the complete contract responsibility. We work exclusively with key sub-contractors as an alliance team to supply whatever components HewSaw does not provide in-house. In this concept, each supplier is a leader in its focused business, providing our customers with the best of all worlds - no compromises in any area of the project supply.

HewSaw provides a project manager from the initial sale to the final performance sign-off, resulting in complete integration and seamless coordination.

2. Can HewSaw supply local support?

Answer: Yes - HewSaw has set-up local subsidiary support facilities or formed distributorships in all major sawmilling areas of the world. HewSaw has invested in huge spare part inventories for expedited part deliveries and we do not work in 'real-time' ordering, meaning in most cases we can supply needed parts from inventory.

In North America, HewSaw has an extensive spare parts inventory in three (3) key areas: 1. Pacific Northwest, 2. Eastern Canada, and 3. Southeast USA. In Europe, HewSaw's primary parts warehouse is at the factory in Finland and a second parts warehouse is centrally located in Germany. The company also has parts warehouses in Australia and South Africa.

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3. Does HewSaw have equipment for larger log lines?

Answer: HewSaw concentrates on efficient small log primary breakdown lines, although we have numerous sawline configurations for log diameters up to 55 cm (21.5 inches). Depending on many factors, HewSaw machines can process logs ranging from 7,5 to 55 cm (3 to 21.5 inches) with:
- Single Pass machines
- Modular breakdown sawline machines taking sideboards from all four (4) sides with Optimized Edging (Profiling) if preferred

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4. What kind of recovery (yield) can we expect from a HewSaw?

Answer: For HewSaw, a main machine design criteria is to achieve the greatest recovery opportunities. Accurate values are difficult to provide without a thorough and specific analysis, detailed log studies, product mix, scaling rules, etc., and all need to be defined. Generalities from case studies are available and typical theoretical recoveries can be assumed for budget purposes.faq  4

To maximize recovery, HewSaw has designed and built machines that:

- naturally curve saw, following the log's center with optimized curve-sawing capabilities.faq 5

- cant and saw the log down with supreme accuracy and surface quality by internal guiding. This allows green target sizes to be very tight.

- optimize the log, precisely orienting and centering it for optimum solutions.

- use cutter-heads, edging tools, and saws that are offset for asymmetrical patterns, resulting in optimum solutions.

- use small diameter double-arbor saws for thin kerfs. Optional guide saws offer even thinner kerfs.faq 6

- can process long logs with heavy taper and are optimized to 'taper-saw' and recover a shorter board from the top or bottom.

- allow the sawmill to achieve optimum recovery. To achieve maximum success, the entire integrated system needs to be of the same high standards: the 'v'-flight conveyor must transport the log without movement, the scanning system must collect a substantial amount of log data, the optimizer must compute the best value solution, the log rotator must position the log precisely, and the break-down machine must manufacture the log with the greatest quality.

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5. How much curve-sawing can the HewSaw do?

Answer:The machine is designed to curve saw following the log's natural curvature. The log is guided through the short process area of the vertical chipper-heads and saw section and is securely supported with guides. Results depend on the log's characteristics, diameter, species, and whether frozen or dry. These factors all impact how much the HewSaw will follow the log's curve.

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When using normal machine curve-sawing, we typically use a factor of:
- 2%-3% curve-sawing as per the log's length for log diameters of 13 cm
(5 inches) or less
- 1%-1,5% curve-sawing as per the log's length for log diameters of 13 to
20 cm (5 inches to 8 inches)
- 0,0%-1% curve-sawing as per the log's length for log diameters > 20 cm
(8 inches)

When using controlled curve-sawing by optimizing log positioning while being processed through the machine, we can achieve whatever curve-sawing parameter is desired from log to log. For example, we can produce a theoretical straight 15x15 cm (6x6 inch) cant from a 4% crooked log with this control feature.


6. How does your machinery stand up to processing demanding species such as Southern Yellow Pine or Hardwood over the long haul?

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Answer: Extremely well - Our machinery is designed to process symmetrically from the log's centre. Forces are balanced so loads do not stress the machinery as seen with other methods, resulting in machine components that do not fatigue or wear quickly.

Various log weights are accommodated simply by adjusting machine settings, such as air pressures, feed speeds, etc.

Machinery longevity has been proven in the field by existing customers. Constant improvement developments for reliability are derived from customer feedback.

HewSaw Machines has experience processing a vast number of demanding species, such as: Various Oaks, Maple, Chestnut, Southern Yellow Pine, Douglas Fir, Knotty Birch, Eucalyptus, Rubberwood, etc.

7. What feed speeds can a HewSaw achieve?

Answer: On smaller patterns, the limitations on feed speed are indicated by getting logs to and lumber away from the machine, not the machine itself. However, we do have some customers on single board solutions pushing over 275 metres/min (900ft/min).

With our latest frame designs, we can install large motor frame sizes for maximum Hp so we can saw and chip at very high speeds. We are known for the fastest machines world-wide.

Experience has proven that it is not the best strategy to process as fast as the machine can tolerate, but what the overall line can consistently operate at over the long term. In other words, it is no advantage to push the machine to it's maximum only to have it sit idle later while waiting for logs or a downstream sorter to catch up. A controlled, more consistent pace with minimal log gap and maximum uptime generally provides the best results.

8. What level of maintenance does a HewSaw require?

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Answer: One of our key advantages is the fact that our machinery requires minimal maintenance. A main design criteria has always been around simplicity with far less moving parts.

With every machine sale, we provide a typical preventative maintenance schedule for our customers to follow, which helps to avoid costly downtime and improves peak performance.

Our latest evolution of equipment is designed with excellent ergonomic features, such as:
- machines that completely open laterally for the serviceman to walk inside
- saw sections that automatically retract out of the machine to the side for maintenance
- saw cluster arrangements that are replaced as a unit so they can be broken down later

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Case studies from various customers have shown vast differences in maintenance costs, so it is difficult to provide a typical value. We feel a very budgetary maintenance cost figure is approximately $1- $3 per thousand board feet (€.35 to €1.30 per cubic metre) produced.



9. Does HewSaw have training and maintenance contracts available?

Answer: Yes - We feel that this is vital for a long-term operating success, as it not only benefits our customer, but enhances our valued customer relations as well.

For new machine deliveries, we are pleased to provide:
- orientation training to familiarize mill personnel with the equipment prior to delivery
- hands-on operational and maintenance training
- follow-up training a few weeks after the start-up

For our existing customers, we have available:
- on-site refresher training
- classroom training sessions for all personnel
- PerformancePlus service contracts (discounted packages)
- on-call specialized service technicians for any work required

10. How does HewSaw support mill personnel and mill safety?

Answer: We take this very seriously and our newest designs offer:
- enclosures for all moving parts with overall machine guarding
- dedicated PLC just for the safety interlocks
- physical safety pins
- double layers for noise buffer covers
- totally sealed covers for dust containment
- a system where all chips and sawdust is contained and dropped downward
- machines that totally open up for 'walk-in' servicing

Illustrations for Personnel safety:

faq 12a

Machines open for Walk-in service

faq 12b faq 12d

Dust suction in key areas

faq 12c

faq 12eFull machine guarding
- chip, dust, noise containment

Full sawing line fencing

PLC managed saftey

Single point zone entry access







11. Can I count on HewSaw company for the long-term?

Answer: Absolutely - HewSaw has a conservative and steady long-term growth business plan. In profitable years, most gains are invested back into the company for new developments and anticipated growth. HewSaw is a private, family owned, financially stable and geographically diversified company that can remain stable during industry low and high cycles.

The organization constantly brings in younger personnel to work in key positions with well experienced senior staff to avoid any department lag in performance.

Key corporate values are made with long-term vision in mind, a major one being customer service for quality brand reputation and repeat customers.

12. How do you see yourself compared to similar equipment suppliers?

Answer:From customer feedback (completed questionnaires) it is clear:

- Our equipment is heavy duty, providing high reliability with minimal maintenance.

- The lumber quality is superb and the target sizes can be very tight.

- Our equipment has very high production capabilities.

- The concept is simple with high recovery natural curve-sawing.

- HewSaw lines are totally automated with little manpower requirements.

- Our equipment is very flexible in what it can produce.

- Our equipment is ergonomic and very safe to operate.

- We have a proven successful track record.

- We have a strong support infrastructure and spare parts on the shelf.

- HewSaw sells proven systems that provide improved bottom-line profit, not fancy, hypothetical, and theoretical solutions.

HewSaw - Designed with vision!

13. How can I contact a representative in my area?

Answer: HewSaw has a local representative in all main sawmilling areas of the world. You can find this person by clicking HERE, or inquire at one of our offices where we will be happy to direct you to the appropriate person.

World-wide: Tel. + 358 20 773 8 773
North America: Tel. + 1 604 852 7293

-   optimize the log, precisely orienting and centering it for optimum solutions.