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HewSaw R250 A.1


R250 A.1 has been developed from R250 machine. This machine has rugged construction, suitable for 80-380 mm diameter logs.

The R250 A.1 features:

Thick steel plate construction, service friendly with service openings, optimized Separate Edging (SE) module and high feed speed makes it an excellent choice for cutting both small and big logs. Also available with fixed saws.

R250 A.1.pdf


Top diameter: 80-380mm
Maximum log diameter: 500mm
Min. log length: 3m
Cant height: 60-335mm
Cant width: 75-265mm
Line speed: 60-150m/min
Chip length: 20-30mm
Sawing Options  Fixed Saws
Movable Saw Assembly (MSA)
Saw Guide System
Seperate Edging (SE) - Fixed





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