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HewSaw SL250 2.2



HewSawSL250 2 2

HewSawSL250 2 2 pelkka

1. True shape scanning for: Saw pattern optimization,  controlled curve sawing, sideboards optimization
2. Log positioning horns up
3. Chipping, Sawing sideboards,  edging
4. Board separation
5. Cant turning
6. Profile scanning of wane, sideboards optimization
7. Ripsawing, edging
8. Board separation

HewSaw SL250 is equipped with all the functions that enhance productivity: optimization, curve sawing, edging, high feed speeds and fast setting changes. All these functions are combined in this roughly 50-metre long line, which is suitable for logs with an 80 to 420 mm top diameter and up to 550 mm large end diameters. This robust sawing line will also process small wood efficiently.

SL250 2 2
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Top diameter: 80-420 mm
Maximum log diameter: 550 mm
Log length: 3.0-6.5 m
Cant height in Chipper Canter: 75-390 mm
Cant width in Chipper Canter: 75-390 mm
Cant height in Rip Saw: 63-265 mm
Cant width in Rip Saw: 75-390 mm
Saw kerf: 4,2-4,8 mm
Line speed: 60-150 m/min
Chip length: 20-30 mm
Sideboards in Cant saw: 1+1 optimised, 1+1 fixed saws
Sideboards in Rip saw: 2+2 optimised

Fixed saws:
Movable saws:
- Cant Saw 1+1 or 2+2 saws
- Rip Saw 1+1, 2+2 or 3+3 saws
Saw Guide System

Line length: 59 m, 67 m with sideboard separation



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